5 Ways to Obtain Your Credit Score for Free

In this day and age, your credit score is crucial to many things in life, credit card churning included. Lucky for us there are many ways to get your credit score for free and I have 5 different methods listed below. Remember all these scores are estimates and are not guaranteed to be the exact scores credit lenders receive when pulling your credit. In my experience, the scores provided by these services are quite accurate.

1) CreditKarma.com

Credit Karma is the most widely known and used free credit score service on the internet. They provide both your Transunion and Equifax credit scores, credit monitoring alerts, credit score simulators, credit factors and also provide a likelihood estimator for if you’ll be approved for a certain card. They update your score every week, which is great for those working to improve your credit. They provide their service on both their website and phone apps.

2) CreditSesame.com

Credit Sesame is probably the second most widely known free credit score service. They provide your Transunion credit score along with credit monitoring alerts, score improvement advice, credit factors, credit card approval estimator and $50,000 Identity Theft insurance. Credit Sesame only updates your score every month, but you can update to daily score updates starting at $14.95. They have a great website and phone app.

3) Credit Journey

Credit Journey is a new free credit score service provided by Chase. They provide your Transunion score for free whether you are a Chase client or not. They also provide credit score details, credit monitoring, credit education, and a credit score simulator. They update your score every day.

4) Discover Credit Scorecard

Much like Chase, Discover created their free credit montoring service Credit Scorecard. They provide your FICO score for free whether you’re a Discover client or not. They also provide credit score details, credit monitoring, credit education, and score improvement recommendations. They update your score every 30 days.

5) FICO score from credit card lender

Often times your credit lender will provide your credit score for free. In my experience, American Express, Discover and Barclaycard provide your FICO scores for free. Your credit score is often included on your monthly statement if they do provide it, otherwise log into your online account to see if they provide your credit score for free.


I personally have signed up for and used all these services. Out of my 5 recommendations, I personally prefer Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and receiving my FICO score from Discover every statement. I like them all for different reasons. I prefer Credit Karma for it’s iPhone app, Credit Sesame for it’s free $50,000 Identity Theft Insurance, and my free FICO score on my Discover card for it’s simplicity. Since all these services are free, sign up for them all and see which service you like the most.

-Points Tutor