Amex Platinum Uber Credit Works with Uber Eats

amex platinum uber eats

The new Amex Platinum benefits went live yesterday, which includes an annual $200 Uber credit.  A big question when the new Amex Platinum changes were announced were whether the Amex Platinum Uber Credit works with Uber Eats. After having my $15 credit post to my Uber account and opening up the Uber Eats app, it appears the Amex Platinum Uber credit will work with Uber Eats.

Uber Credit

Unlike the airline credit where you receive the credit yearly, you receive a $15 monthly Uber credit ($35 for December) each month which also expires at the end of the month if you don’t use it.

To me, this kills the value of the benefit as certain months I Uber a lot and others I may not take a single ride.

Uber Eats

For those that have Uber Eats in their area, it gives you another option to use your Amex Platinum Uber credit every month. If Amex and Uber doesn’t remove Uber Eats from being eligible for the credit, this certainly makes the Amex Platinum Uber Credit more valuable.


Initial signs are pointing towards that the Amex Platinum Uber credit is eligible for Uber Eats. If Amex and Uber doesn’t change this, it certainly makes the Uber credit more valuable.

This certainly doesn’t make me want to keep my Amex Platinum card, though it does make me happy that the credit is easier to use.

– Points Tutor