Earn SPG Points For Every Uber Ride

spg uber link

SPG and Uber have a great partnership to where you earn SPG points for every Uber ride you take. While this will not earn you a ton of SPG points every year, it’s certainly an offer you should take advantage…
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Guide of Free Hotel Elite Status with Credit Cards

Over the years, I’ve earned upgrades, free lounge access, free meals and more from both airline and hotel loyalty programs. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of loyalty programs. While many programs or program tier levels require you to…
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Earn SPG Platinum Status through Credit Card Spending!

Platinum status, in my opinion, is the most rewarding elite status of all major hotel programs (besides SPG Platinum 75 and 100 night status). In my time holding Platinum status I’ve received thousands of dollars in upgrades, free restaurant breakfast,…
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