Here Are The Coolest Credit Card Benefits On The Market!

Besides sign up bonuses, credit cards can be very valuable because of there benefits they offer. For example, one of my favorite perks of putting spending on a credit card versus a debit card (besides earning points) is the security of knowing I am not liable for any charges made, should my credit card be stolen or compromised. So what credit cards do I think are the coolest on the market?

4th Free Night – Citi Prestige

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The Citi Prestige card offers a 4th night free benefit in which when you book any stay 4 nights or longer, they’ll reimburse you for 4th night room rate including taxes and fees. You can use this benefit as many times as you’d like the only catch and requirement is that you can only earn one free night per stay and that you need to book your hotel stay with Citi concierge via phone or email. You also need to pay for the 4th night first and will be reimbursed a couple to a few weeks later. Should you have a stay that is 8 nights or longer, you can book 4 nights at one hotel and another 4 nights at another hotel and you’ll receive reimbursement for both 4th nights. The 4th night benefit is changing as of July 23rd, 2017, in which you’ll now be reimbursed for the average nightly rate excluding taxes and fees. Any reservation before July 23rd, 2017 will still receive the 4th night room rate free including taxes and fees.

$100 Domestic Round Trip Coach Airfare Discount – Chase Ritz Carlton

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The Chase Ritz Carlton card offers a $100 discount on all round trip domestic coach bookings made through for 2 between 5 people. Like the Citi Prestige benefit, you can use this benefit as many times as you’d like. The only stipulation to this benefit is, the cardholder must be one of the 2 to 5 travelers. The benefit does not work for first class, business class or international trips. You also have to book through the travel portal to receive the discount and the discount is applied at the time of the booking. The travel portal does seem to block out tickets that are under $100 which is unfortunate and low cost airlines such as Spirit and Southwest are not available to be booked through the travel portal.

Cell Phone Protection – Chase Ink Preferred (Business card)

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The Chase Ink Preferred Business credit card offers cell phone protection insurance. This insurance allows you to receive up to $600 per claim when your cellphone is damaged or stolen up to 3 times per 12 month period. The only catch with this benefit is you must pay your monthly cellphone bill with the Chase Ink Preferred card and you will need to pay a $100 deductible for each claim you make. There are a few other requirements such as the damage must affect the usability of the phone and that Chase will pay for whatever damages your homeowners or renters insurance won’t cover though I suggest you can read them in the Ink Preferred Guide to Benefits.


These three credit card benefits in my opinion the coolest benefits on the market. If they are used correctly, they can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year. While the Citi Prestige and Chase Ritz Carlton cards both carry $450 annual fees, as long as you use these perks a couple times a year, you’ll easily make up the cost of the annual fee. Zach Honig, over at The Points Guy, has already received $5,100 back from the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit. That is just nuts! It makes you wonder how Citi can afford to keep this benefit around.

Does anyone have a credit card perk they think beats any of these 3 benefits?

-Points Tutor