How To Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Southwest

The Chase Ultimate Rewards program offers 11 transfer partners which includes Southwest Airlines. Transferring your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Southwest can offer you great value for your points and is certainly one of my favorite Chase transfer partners. While it may not offer you the highest value for your points, Southwest is great for cheap points flights, for families and for allowing you to change your flight plans for free. Let’s dive in and see how to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Southwest.

Value of Points When Transferred

Unlike other airlines, Southwest does not employ a fixed award chart (meaning a U.S. domestic flight is always 25,000 for example) but rather offers a fixed value on their points. In other words, the more your ticket would be in cash, the more it would be in points. Generally, I find Southwest to offer around 1.6 cents per point, meaning a $100 flight would cost you 6,250 Rapid Rewards points ($100 / 1.6% = 6,250).

To search for points flights, simply select points rather than cash when searching on

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Southwest

  1. Create a Southwest account

    If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to create a Southwest account to transfer the points to

    create southwest account

    (Picture courtesy of Southwest)

  2. Visit and sign in

    In order to start the transfer process you’ll need to be logged in. is Chase’s website where you redeem your Ultimate Rewards points. You can access Ultimate Rewards from your online account as well but it’s an extra click.

    sign into chase ultimate rewards

    (Picture courtesy of Chase)

  3. Link your Southwest account

    If you haven’t already linked your Southwest account, you’ll need to do so before you can transfer points. To link your account, click on the Use Points tab, then click Transfer Points to Partners, then click Southwest (If you have more than one Chase Ultimate Rewards card, you’ll need to select the card that is eligible for transfer partners). You’ll now be able to add your Southwest Rapid Rewards number. This number can be found on your Southwest account.

    link southwest rapid rewards to chase ultimate rewards

    (Picture courtesy of Chase)

  4. Initiate Points Transfer

    If you just linked your account, you should see the option to transfer points. For those that have already linked their accounts, click Use Points, then Transfer Points to Partners, then Southwest. You’ll now be present with a screen to enter the amount of points to transfer. Enter ur number of points you’d like to transfer then click transfer.


  5. Confirm Transfer

    You’ll now be promoted to confirm the number of points you want to transfer. Simply click confirm and your points will be on their way.

  6. Visit and log in

    Chase Ultimate Rewards points transfers normally take 5-15 minutes to show in your Southwest account. Once they appear in your Southwest account, you can begin booking flights.


Southwest will not give you the highest value you for your points, but Southwest is especially great for cheap domestic points flights and for families that want to travel with points. The program is very straight forward and easy to use and you won’t need to spend much time at all to book a flight on points.

I’ve found a lot of value from transferring my Chase points to Southwest over the years and definitely recommend them. I love when I can snag a flight for only 5000 or 6000 points.

Do you like transferring your Chase Ultimate Rewards to Southwest?

– Points Tutor