New Amex Platinum Benefits Are Live!

amex platinum card

A couple of weeks ago we learned that the Amex Platinum card would received new benefits. The new Amex Platinum benefits are live starting today, March 30th.

Take Advantage of New Benefits

Uber Credit

amex platinum uber

(Picture courtesy of Uber)

The Amex Platinum card now comes with a monthly $15 Uber credit. In order to receive this credit, you’ll need to add your Amex Platinum card as a payment method within your Uber app. No other action by you must be taken. Remember you do not need to pay with your Amex Platinum card to receive the credit, you merely need to have the Amex Platinum card saved on your account.

The March Uber credit will expire tomorrow, March 31st, so be sure to link your account

Metal Card

amex platinum card

(Picture courtesy of Amex)

All new card applicants starting today will receive a metal card. All existing card members can request a new metal card today via phone, chat or the online card replacement portal.

Other credit card enthusiasts have reported long wait times when contacting Amex customer service through chat and phone. Unless you have another request to make, I suggest you request a new replacement online and state your previous card is damaged. This allows you to use your card while waiting for the replacement.


All existing card members will need to link their Uber account and request a new metal card today to start taking advantage of the new Amex Platinum card benefits. A new card members that applied today or later, will not need to request a metal card as a new metal card will be sent to you by default.

While it very unhappy with the new Amex Platinum benefits, it’ll be fun to try them out for a couple of months before my next annual fee is charged. If you are disappointed with the new changes too, consider reading this article for good replacements for the Amex Platinum card.

– Points Tutor