(Re)Start of PointsTutor.com

Welcome to Points Tutor!

My name is Nick and I’m an avid collector of points and miles. I started this blog almost a year ago to help spread the knowledge of using points and miles to earn free travel. Unfortunately due to an issue with moving my blog to another host, I lost a lot of my work, and thus I’m relaunching my blog. For returning readers, welcome back! For those visiting Points Tutor for the first time welcome as well!

So why do I collect points and miles? Well I like to travel and I also like to get my monies worth. Through points, I’m not only able to travel for free (or for pennies on the dollar) but also travel in style. I truly love this game of collecting points and miles, and it’s my mission to teach you all the trick of the trade while also learning more myself.

This game isn’t hard, and you don’t need much to succeed. A good credit score, good travel credit cards, and everyday spending on these credit cards is all you need. Don’t have a good credit score or any credit at all for that matter? I can help you with that.

I know there are several blogs already out there on this topic, but I intend to stand out from others with one key trait, using math to help you (and myself for that matter) find a personalized points and miles strategy to maximize your everyday money spending to earn free travel. I studied engineering in college, and if I learned one thing, it’s that math doesn’t lie. Everyone is different and wants different things out of points and miles, so I’ll help you tailor the best approach for you.

So what do you say? Want to travel in style for free?

-Nick a.k.a. Points Tutor